Nov 3 2010

Welcome to Pax Christi Texas

We are a fellowship of Pax Christi groups in Texas.  A regional branch of Pax Christi USA and affiliated with Pax Christi International Catholic peace movement.  Steeped in the Catholic tradition, our advocacy for peace and justice is based on the Church’s social teaching and on Jesus Christ’s lived example of prayer, nonviolence and solidarity with the poor. We are working to increase Pax Christi membership in Texas and assist in the formation of local groups.

In a world that settles differences by armed violence or the threat of it, Pax Christi offers a nonviolent alternative. In a world that too often defines  “revenge” as “justice”, Pax Christi breaks the cycle of violence by fostering reconciliation. In a world where countries invest more money in weapons than in the well-being of their people, Pax Christi calls individuals to disarm their hearts and work toward a world free of nuclear and conventional weapons.

Join with us to put your faith in action.

Mar 10 2015

2015 Pax Christi Texas Conference

Pax Christi San Antonio

Nov 3 2010

A Prayer for Texas

I pray for the day when Texas effectively addresses the root causes of crime – when it understands that the best way to be “tough on crime” is to properly fund and manage programs that reduce poverty, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and mental disabilities.

I pray for the day when Texas compassionately cares for the victims of crime – when our institutions and churches have effective programs to help victims with their pain and suffering.

I pray for the day when Texas replaces its current system of “retributive justice” with “restorative justice” which seeks to restore the victim, the offender and the community back to wholeness after a crime has been committed.

I pray for the day when all people will be treated fairly and humanely by the criminal justice system, when the poor will receive as high quality legal defense as the rich, and when all prisoners are treated humanely and provided opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration into the community.

I pray for the day when Texas realizes that the criminal justice system is a human system that makes mistakes, that innocent people have been sent to prison, including death row, and that the system can never be adequately fixed so that fatal errors won’t be made.

I pray for the day when Texas no longer executes its citizens, when the pastors of churches will stand before their congregations and say, “All life is sacred. We do not have the right to take human life. Only God has that right”, and when the politicians of the state will stand before their constituents and say, “We can provide justice and protect society without taking human life. This is what we should do as a civilized society”.

David Atwood